About Flak

Flak magazine is a publication organized by Michael McFadden, Paul Middendorf, and Elizabeth Rhodes as they work with artists connected to Houston to consider concepts conceptually. We are dedicated to presenting the work of artists who represent the current landscape of Houston’s intrepid and growing art scene. We work with artists who hold a strong connection to the city and its creative community and hope showcase Houston as a global arts city, one that has touched the practices of artists across the world while playing host to some of the most innovative work of the contemporary art scene.

Flak provides a new perspective on presenting art and artists, creating opportunity through printed and written form and gives artists a platform for work that is not easily presented in galleries or institutions.  

The Founders

Michael McFadden

Michael McFadden is a Houston-based art critic, cultural writer, and arts administrator. He earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio and an MA in Arts Leadership from the University of Houston. His criticism and cultural writing has been published in Arts+Culture Texas, the Brooklyn Rail, Glasstire, and Houstonia as well as in exhibition catalogues. He is a former member of the Houston and Chicago-based curatorial collaborative Suplex and has aided in the presentation of works by numerous artists and curators. Currently, McFadden works as the Communications and Marketing Manager of Project Row Houses, located in Houston’s Third Ward. Learn more at pugintheair.com

Paul Middendorf

Paul Middendorf is the executive director of Space HL (formerly GalleryHOMELAND) and a cultural writer living in Houston Texas. Middendorf founded Space HL in Portland, Oregon, in 2005. The organization has orchestrated projects around the country and across the globe with pop-up locations and events in cities such as New York, Chicago, Istanbul, Basel, and Berlin. Shortly after moving to Texas in 2011, Middendorf opened up a second location in Houston in 2012. Now Space HL home and headquarters are located in the East Side of Houston, where Middendorf works closely with the community and City of Houston. In conjunction with the nonprofit sector, Middendorf has been writing in Houston for the past 7 years and recently served as the Arts Editor of a Houston-based publication.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Elizabeth Rhodes is an editor whose value knows no bounds with an aggressive, outside-the-box approach to journalism. Focusing primarily on covering arts and music, she has been writing professionally for the last five years, starting as a Staff Writer at CultureMap Houston and then serving as the Managing Editor of Free Press Houston. She is currently completing her degree in Print Journalism from the University of Houston.


2018-19 iterations of Flak are made possible in part by a Let Creativity Happen grant through Houston Arts Alliance and the Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs.