Issue 0 | December 2018


The inaugural issue of Flak Magazine, Issue 0, is reflective of our own connections to Houston. We looked at some of the artists we first worked with when we connected with the arts here or who have been integral in our development and sought to showcase their growth, representing the current state of their work as well as where they've come from and where they're going. 

The Artists

The artists of Issue 0 are Ryan Hawk, Cody Ledvina, S Rodriguez, and Bret Shirley. While these artists don't paint a picture of Houston's arts community in its entirety, they represent a variety of aspects intermingling within: study, personal growth, departure, and return. Each artist presents a new work that illustrates the current state of their artistic practice.  

The Contents

Introductory texts by Paul Middendorf & Michael McFadden

“The World We Want Is One Where Many Fit” by Bret Shirley with intro by Paul Middendorf

Cody Ledvina text & project with notes by Paul Middendorf

An Interview with Ryan Hawk by Michael McFadden

“The S Stands For” by Michael McFadden



Copies of Issue 0 are available now at both Brazos Bookstore and the Menil Collection Bookstore in Houston, TX.

Brazos Bookstore
2421 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005
Mon-Sat | 10am - 8pm
Sun | 12-6pm

Menil Collection Bookstore
1520 Sul Ross St
Houston, Texas 77006
Wed-Sun | 11am-7pm